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Dencio’s is a famous bar and restaurant that has been offering an authentic Filipino dining experience for 28 delicious years. It first opened its door in a quaint space in Katipunan exuding a native and relaxing atmosphere. Its menu centered on food inherent to Filipinos, our very own cuisine. No wonder why Dencio’s easily found its way to the stomachs of diners and successfully satisfied their appetites.

Dencio’s is the ultimate go to for meals served anytime of the day, for ordinary days or on simple occasions, whether be it “pangsolo”, “pampamilya” or “pangbarkada”. From a simple restaurant, Dencio’s altered its format to better cater to the needs and demands of its growing market.

The team behind Dencio’s has always been full of enthusiasm in providing consistent and seamless service. Through the years, Dencio’s serves as a venue for bonding moments over great food and thirst-quenching drinks. It gained its popularity for offering the best of both worlds,“ulam” and “pulutan” in one dish, thus, “PULUTAM”. Topping the list of this “pulutam” is its signature dish, Krispy Sisig. One will never go wrong with the combo of sizzling Krispy Sisig plus ice-cold drinks living up to its mantra, “Basta Krispy Sisig, DapatDencio’s”.

Families, barkadas and colleagues out for casual eating and drinking sessions can choose from a hearty list of Dencio’s specialties and wide selection of alcoholic beverages bringing memorable cheers to everyone. Guided by a new store concept, Dencio’s continues to evolve, adding special features on its stores such as the acoustic bands, all grilled or all fried boodle feast and other interactive games/activities which make the stay more exciting and entertaining. Its branches are huge enough to accommodate guests in groups. It also offers flexible packages for celebration of all sorts of events or even just simple parties.

Now a member of Max’s Group Inc., Dencio’s is keeping up with what they already have; to give the best service, value for money and fulfill a vision, to be number 1.

Head over to any of the following 15 branches located nationwide and fill your grumbling stomachs with great foodand thirst quenching ice cold beers.

About Max’s Group, Inc. (MGI)
Max’s Group, Inc. (MGI), a company that takes pride in its passion to delight its customers and genuine love for its brands, is the Philippines’ largest operator in the casual dining segment. MGI is committed to building loved Filipino brands and it is currently growing its network of over 500 stores in the country and more than 30 international stores in the USA, Canada, Asia Pacific and Middle East.

Its family of restaurants include Max’s Restaurant, Max’s Corner Bakery, Pancake House, Yellow Cab Pizza, Krispy Kreme, Jamba Juice, Teriyaki Boy, Dencio’s, Kabisera, Sizzlin’ Steak, Le Coeur de France, Maple and Singkit. The company also operates Meranti Hotel, its maiden venture into the hospitality industry. To know more about Max’s Group, please visit www.maxsgroupinc.com.