Be a partner! Own a franchise.

Qualifications of a Franchisee

  • Enterprising with strong desire to succeed.
  • Must have a strong background in people skills.
  • Wiiling to undergo full-time training in restaurant operations.
  • Must be hands-on and willing to devote time overseeing day-to-day operations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much Investment is needed and what does this cover?

The Franchise package ranges from P15 million to P24 million. This includes the franchise fee, store construction, equipment, furniture and fixtures, manpower hiring and training and pre-opening marketing activities. However, the investment cost varies based on floor area and locations, i.e., Provincial areas, Greater Manila Area, Metro Manila and others.

2. What’s the floor area requirement?

The required floor area ranges from 200sqm to 400sqm.

3. Can I apply for a franchise even if i don’t have a site or location?

Yes. Once qualified as a franchisee, we can offer available locations.

4. Can a corporation apply for a franchise?

Yes! But we require majority ownership that will act as Managing Director of the franchise.

5. How much is the expected return of investment

There are several controllable and uncontrollable factors that will determine the ROI.

6. How long is the franchise term?

The franchise term for a Dencio’s store is ten (10) years and renewable for another five (5) years.

7. Who looks for the location?

The company has a pipeline but we entertain in case the franchise applicant has a proposed or preferred location.

8. Is there a standard store design?

Yes, Dencio’s provides, through an accredited architect, the standard store design, layout, equipment and facilities requirement.

9. What are the qualifications of a franchisee?

  1. Preferably with experience in food and retail business
  2. Financial capability
  3. Has a good network in the trade area of the proposed store
  4. Will dedicate time and has the infrastructure to manage the store
  5. What about the supplies and materials for products to be sold?
  6. Yes, Pancake House provides, through an accredited architect, the standard store design, layout, equipment and facilities requirement.

10. Is there any training program provided?

A training program is provided to the franchisee, management team and dining staff who must successfully complete the program. The training fee is already included in the initial investment.

11. What kind of continuing services will the company provide?

Aside from the system wide level promotions and advertising, Dencio’s supports local marketing efforts of the store.


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